Hormone Saliva Tests

Your Body Deserves The Best

Hormones are potent, natural chemical messengers which are crucial to every single function of the human body. It is not possible to live without hormones, but in the environment we live in and as we age, rarely do our bodies have the optimum levels of hormones. Imbalances in hormones can have an impact on virtually every system in the body and significantly affect quality of life. Almost all hormones decline with age in men and women. With small doses of natural hormones in combination with a hormonally supportive diet and vitamin and mineral supplements, it is possible to regain health and vitality.

Test your Hormone Levels 

Benefits of Hormone Saliva testing: 

  • Easy to do from home  

  • The effect of the smallest application of transdermal hormones can be proven after a few minutes - not in the blood serum. This facilitates minimum support and fine adjustment, limits the risk of a permanent overdose or undersupply of essential hormones.

  • The effect of several types of hormones (including converted plant hormones) in cosmetics and care products eg in oils and baby care becomes visible 

  • Cyclical fluctuation of your hormone levels can be observed

  • Only the free hormones available to your body to use will be measured, this means that people low or high in protein can get reliable readings

  • Displacing effects of Xeno hormones ( pill, hormone patch, hormone/contraceptive coil, hormone implants) on the body's own hormone secretion becomes visible 

  • The saliva hormone test shows wether the liver and the intestines convert the plant based hormone support or wether the D4 applications "work". This is not possible with a blood serum test

  • The saliva hormone test provides an orientation as to which hormonal influences can be used by choosing a food group ( dairy products, eggs, oiled, fish, nuts, sprouts etc.) 

  • It can be seen in which hormone areas any excess hormones are being synthesised 

  • The speed of the effect of transdermal application can only be seen in the saliva hormone test 

  • Hormonal effects of food supplements become visible eg Vitamin D, tryptophan 

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