Drink Water

Water is essential to maintain good health

Some of the crucial functions of water in the body:

  • Gets rid of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

  • Keeps your body surface clean by washing and bathing regularly.

  • Maintain your body temperature within normal range even in extreme cold or heat weather conditions

  • Functions as a natural moisturizer and lubricating agent to the joints and ligaments.

  • Protects the skin from unwanted insults from various sources.


How much water do you need to drink daily?

According to NAET theory, we have come up with a practical solution for everybody about the quantity of water to drink per day. This can be applied to everybody regardless of age.

Step-1: Take the body weight in pounds, divide by two. Convert that number into ounces.

Step 2: Drink that many ounces of water spread out through the day.

Say if you weigh 100 pounds, divide 100 by 2= 50. Convert 50 into 50 ounces. So, 50 ounces of water you need daily. This is the minimum amount of water you need per day.

In extreme hot weather conditions, people may drink more. That is ok as long as you meet the minimum daily requirement.


If a child weighs 30 pounds, divide by 2, you get 15. Convert that into ounces, so 15 ounces of water is needed for this child to meet his/her minimum daily need for his/her body.

Drink one 6 ounce glass of clean water first thing in the morning and another glass last thing before bedtime. Water can be taken as herbal tea, non-caloric lemonade, soft drinks, clear soups, vegetable juice, etc.