4 year old boy presenting with eczema 

five face-to-face & nine remote sessions to clear eczema


Michelle brought her 4 year old to my clinic just before Christmas.He presented with eczema that increasingly disrupted his sleep. Her GP prescribed hydrocortisone cream she was not keen to use as she was worried of side effects. 

As NAET is based on TCM, we work with the Meridian system. The first session was to rebalance the 12 Major Meridians - its called BBF ( BodyBrainFormula).

This is what the mum reported after the first session, after BBF:

‘He had slept well since the first treatment and the redness and itchiness of the skin that he experienced had reduced, plus his skin was not as rough to touch as it had been’.

After three sessions:

'He is sleeping well. He attended a party where he got hot but not itchy!'

After four sessions

'red patch under his right arm is much better, skin is almost back to normal' 

Mum also reported that she definitely sees an improvement in his over all health and his immune system. All three of her boys suffered with sniffly noses, coughs and cold like symptoms. The boy who comes to see me was over it in a couple of days whilst his brothers were still suffering. 

After 14 sessions:

'His skin is completely free of eczema' 

the parents also think that NAET was supportive in getting their son dry during the night. 



We attended NAET sessions with Claudia over the course of a few months. My 4 year old Son had suffered with eczema from a very young age (a few months old) and after a hospital admission when he was just 11 months old, we were always advised by Doctors to manage any recurring flare ups with steroid cream. 


During the summer of 2019, his skin became very dry, red and itchy. After trying every cream we thought possible, we were at a loss, until I came across Claudia’s NAET treatment as an option. We decided to give a few sessions a go and we were delighted with the results. It took a few weeks, but we really felt as though we got to the bottom of what was causing the irritation and after

5 face to face & 9 remote sessions, our Son’s skin cleared. It has been about 3 months now - he is no longer itchy at night and the dryness, red patches and raw skin have not returned. 


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claudia to others who suffer with allergies or have symptoms that they can not clear through conventional techniques. As a family, we will definitely return to Claudia’s practice, to reap the benefits of what NAET can do. It’s been transformational for us and our Son. Thank you Claudia!

This is what the parents say: