Headache Treatment - Migraine Treatment

When you suffer from regular headaches, or worse still migraines, your life is constantly on hold. You are constantly living with the anxiety and worry of either occurring. The average headache usually lasts for a few hours yet a migraine can last for several days, severely impacting your and your family's life.


I provide a natural way to relieve both headache and migraine. By using NAET  I work with your Meridian system on a physical, physiological and emotional level. 


Regular headaches and migraines are often only suppressed by medication. Medication does indeed reduce symptoms but may not affect the cause. By using NAET or distant energy healing we can alter your body energy to reduce the insistence of these headaches occurring.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is defined as the perception of noise or ringing in the ears, affecting between 15 to 20% of people. This ringing is very often louder in a quiet environment, for example in those moments before sleep. Clearly this can have a profound impact on your well being and general state of mind.


At Gower Allergy Clinic we have had great success in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. We again use NAET but also incorporate lifestyle changes giving you back full control of your life.

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