Michelle, Swansea

We attended NAET sessions with Claudia over the course of a few months. My 4 year old Son had suffered with ECZEMA from a very young age (a few months old) and after a hospital admission when he was just 11 months old, we were always advised by Doctors to manage any recurring flare ups with steroid cream. 


During the summer of 2019, his skin became very dry, red and itchy. After trying every cream we thought possible, we were at a loss, until I came across Claudia’s NAET treatment as an option. We decided to give a few sessions a go and we were delighted with the results. It took a few weeks, but we really felt as though we got to the bottom of what was causing the irritation and after 5 face to face & 9 remote sessions, our Son’s skin cleared. It has been about 3 months now - he is no longer itchy at night and the dryness, red patches and raw skin have not returned. 


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claudia to others who suffer with allergies or have symptoms that they can not clear through conventional techniques. As a family, we will definitely return to Claudia’s practice, to reap the benefits of what NAET can do. It’s been transformational for us and our Son. Thank you Claudia!

Yanis, 15 month old 

Paula: "Yanis is suffering with teething pain and has not slept properly for over one week. After the distance session he immediately settled back in to his sleeping pattern without staying awake, being distressed and crying. He is very relaxed after the sessions and seems to feel less anxious, worried and stressed. 

His eczema has also improved since he receives distance healing.


Yanis had a fall in the night when he was looking for his milk bottle. After this incident he stopped eating. After one distance session for the freight & panic he had experienced he ate with great appetite in evening!"

Gemma, Cardiff 

Hi Claudia.

I have def felt a benefit from the online sessions. Definate improvement and less congestion. My rhinitis is getting better after every session.

I could breath easily yesterday even when I was lying down to sleep. My sleep has def improved and I have not had a headache

I have not needed to take any antihistamines for the last weeks.  

Also, my sadness has gone after we treated for emotions attached to the Lung Meridian. 

Jan, Swansea

"After the distance healing sessions I felt more relaxed and I am sleeping through the night without waking up and feeling panic. My anxiety and fear levels have improved and my friends commented how well I look! 

Thank you so much Claudia x " 

Manuela, Germany

"After 10 sessions with Claudia, I feel like my depression is getting better! I feel more confident and outgoing in my job without worrying about my actions.

My tummy as well as my skin have improved. My friend recommended Claudia and I was not sure at first but the results are amazing"

Selina, 27 month old

Cristina: "We live in Essex and I was made aware of Claudia by a friend. As my little girl suffers with eczema I was keen to try distance healing to give her relief of relentless itchy and inflamed skin. I was very sceptical but keen to give it a go. After only three sessions I can see a definite improvement. The skin is not bumpy anymore with the outline of the eczema fading."