Vitamins & Herbs

NAET assists in the absorption of essential nutrients

needed for good health

Try to include immune system strengthening herbs in your daily diet or regimen.

Not necessarily you must use all, instead select a few and include them in your daily regimen. They can be taken as teas, pills, capsules or extracts:

Echinacea (can be taken as teas, liquid extracts, a dried herb, and as capsules or pills)





Lemon balm 

Licorice Root


Mint and spearmint




Sage and Thyme



We all try to eat healthy. However, the foods we consume may be lacking the ex- pected nutrients in adequate amounts due to various reasons. With the result, you may be deficient in nutrients to meet your daily needs.


Try to buy natural, with less additives and fillers added to them. Always drink a large glass of clean water with each dose of supplements. The large amount of water is necessary for the supplements to dissolve, digest, assimilate and absorb in your body.

The following Vitamins & Calcium are all covered by the basic            protocol.


The suggested doses are for normal, healthy adults. Please check with each container for suggested dosage for other ages:

  • Take 500 mgs of vitamin C, two times a day with a glass of water.

  • Vitamins A*, 5,000 IU (International units) two times a day.

  • Vitamins D*, 400 IU (International units) daily.

  • Vitamin E*, 400 IU (International units) daily.

  • Calcium in adequate amount for your age (Between 500 – 1200 mgs daily. Read the label).

  • Magnesium adequate amount for your age (400 mgs or more).

  • Omega-3* fatty acids one daily (Omega-fatty acids are thought to be anti-inflammatory nutrients with protective effects in inflammatory ailments).

  • One multivitamin formula daily.

                  Please read studies below for more information:

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