About Claudia

Claudia suffered with frequent tonsillitis as a child and had her tonsils removed at the age of six.

She was then diagnosed with IBS at the age of 15 and put on pain & IBS medication. 

She suffered for many years with Cholecystitis - Inflammation of the gallbladder - and increased Cholesterol levels. This resulted in her need for a cholecystectomy - removal of the Gallbladder - at the age of 28.


At the age of 31 she experienced a very painful disc prolapse in her lower spine (on two levels) that immobilised her for several weeks.

At this time she was working as a Nurse and received exceptional care but realised that the treatments and medication on offer where not the solution. Claudia always had a great passion for sports but was told that her movement would be very restricted after her spinal injury.

It was this that spurred her on to look for a solution outside of lifelong pain medication and tablets to control her cholesterol. Her new GP specialised in Allopathy, Natural Health Care + NAET and her treatment was paid for by her insurance. 

                            Claudia Today 

After 13 years of nursing in the German Health Care System, Claudia moved in to Medical Sales with an American company. She met her husband at the Head office in Brussels, married and moved to Mumbles. Claudia was on the British Register for Nurses but had to continue working in Sales as no nursing jobs were available at the time. 

Her effectiveness as a NAET level ll Practitioner is greatly enhanced by her medical background with over 25 years experience. She regularly attends NAET meetings and is a student with the British Institute for Allergies and Environmental Therapies. 

Claudia enjoys excellent health, without needing to take any drugs. Her Cholesterol levels are back to normal and she enjoys running, golfing, pilates and general fitness training without experiencing any restrictions or pain. 

Her outdoor cat are all enjoying regular NAET sessions to keep them drug and parasite free and in top emotional health.