Pink Sugar

Test results before/after NAET

Sam started her NAET protocol in November '20 after she had taken an intolerance test in May '20. The test showed she was highly intolerant to Wheat, Gluten/Gliaden, Yeast, Soya Beans, Potatoes, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Haricot Beans, Corn/Maiz, and Barley.

Kidney Beans, Rice & Oats were showing as borderline foods. 

Sam took an allergy test as she suffered with low Energy, digestive problems like diarrhoea, loose stools & bloating, low Immunity and joint pain. 

She adjusted her eating habits and tried to cut out the foods that did not agree with her. Sam tried for 6 month but found it too difficult to avoid these food groups especially nuts, oats & beans. 

After only 14 sessions the follow up test result shows that all food groups she reacted to before NAET have moved in to the category 'Normal Reactivity'. Sam is back eating these foods without any side effects. Sam is keen to continue with treatments for Eggs, Cashews & Cow's milk