Rob, 60 Headache,Tinnitus, Gout & Stress

Symptoms Rob came to see me with + scale from 1 minimum score to 10 maximum score


  1. Back Pain                           6

  2. Digestive Problems            6

  3. Gout                                    4

  4. Stress                                  8

  5. Lump in his throat              7

  6. Tinnitus & headaches.        7

  • Back Pain, score halved after four sessions

  • After four sessions Rob’s digestive problems went to a 1 and disappeared after 15 sessions

  • Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis and disappeared after 15 sessions

  • Robs ‘stress’ levels went down to 5 after only 4 sessions and after 15 sessions to a 1 

  • After only two sessions the feeling of having a lump in his throat went completely 

  • Tinnitus & Headache (result of chronic inflammation in your body) no change after four sessions and after 20 sessions it was down to a 1 some days 0

Main factor for Rob’s Tinnitus and headache was his exposure to Computer and Mobile Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Radiation ( radio waves, infrared, X-Rays and all light sources) Microwave Radiation as well as radio frequency radiation. NAET has been shown to reduce the sensitivity to side effects of radiation. Rob was taught how to self protect for radiation to prevent the return of his symptoms.


As NAET peals back the layers, there is the possibility of the return of  long forgotten symptoms. In Rob’s case his childhood hay fever returned,  yet as we had cleared the basics we were able to get on top of the symptoms very quickly. We identified Dust + Dust mites, Pollen and Grass as the main allergens. 

Rob is still visiting the Gower Allergy Clinic for regular checks to ensure his excellent progress is maintained.