Michelle, Swansea

We attended NAET sessions with Claudia over the course of a few months. My 4 year old Son had suffered with ECZEMA from a very young age (a few months old) and after a hospital admission when he was just 11 months old, we were always advised by Doctors to manage any recurring flare ups with steroid cream. 

During the summer of 2019, his skin became very dry, red and itchy. After trying every cream we thought possible, we were at a loss, until I came across Claudia’s NAET treatment as an option. We decided to give a few sessions a go and we were delighted with the results. It took a few weeks, but we really felt as though we got to the bottom of what was causing the irritation and after 5 face to face & 9 remote sessions, our Son’s skin cleared. It has been about 3 months now - he is no longer itchy at night and the dryness, red patches and raw skin have not returned. 


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claudia to others who suffer with allergies or have symptoms that they can not clear through conventional techniques. As a family, we will definitely return to Claudia’s practice, to reap the benefits of what NAET can do. It’s been transformational for us and our Son. Thank you Claudia!

Paula, Swansea

In January when I called Claudia I was desperate. My 14 months old baby was full of eczema and with a big list of allergies. After first session I could see improvements on his skin. Now he is free of eczema and allergies. He can enjoy now to have a bath without scratching, to stay undressed, a quality sleep and he can enjoy all types of food. Professionalism and Dedication are the best words to describe. Thank you so much for helping us! I highly recommend Claudia!

Gemma D. Cardiff


I have had treatment from Claudia for chronic rhinitis, which I have all year around and have suffered with for 14 years. I've been taking daily anti-histamine and steroid nose sprays every day throughout the time, but when I became pregnant needed to find an alternative solution to medication.


I had 6 sessions face to face with Claudia, and each session I felt some relief. I then began having online Skype sessions with Claudia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and was surprised that these were as effective in reducing my symptoms.


After a total of about 7 sessions I was able to come off my medication completely.


I haven't been able to breathe this clearly for many years. Claudia has been able to accurately identify the things I am allergic to, and has a very caring and supportive approach. As well as identifying physical allergens she has helped clear emotional blocks, which has really supported me throughout my pregnancy in keeping me feeling happy and balanced, particularly needed during the health pandemic.


I've tried various alternative therapies over the years for my rhinitis and this has been the only one that has made a significant difference.

Rob, Bridgend

Hia Claudia

It’s quite difficult to express the degree to which NAET, and you, have enabled me to turn my life round!!
Cheers, Rob

Testimonial for Claudia:

I’d heard about NAET through my sister and I was intrigued – and since I was suffering from some health problems at the time, including tinnitus, I wanted to see if it would help.

I started the treatment in the summer of 2018 and the problems I’d been experiencing either vanished completely within weeks - or in the case of the tinnitus was drastically reduced to a negligible level.


I then began to realise that NAET was now helping me cope with a very difficult period in my life and I continued with fortnightly sessions for several months. To say it had a profound effect would be an understatement! 

I’m immensely pleased with the treatment and the care and attention that Claudia gives to each session.

This has been the best investment in my health that I’ve ever made!


Sarah, Swansea 

Dear Claudia


Previously I suffered with IBS-type symptoms. I knew I had some food allergies as I would suffer quite badly after eating certain foods, but I didn’t know how to treat the problem. I would quite often have time off work, I would cancel family trips out and it certainly controlled my social life. Over the years I have tried different medication from my doctor, but nothing seemed to work.


Then I was introduced to Claudia Jones, Gower Allergy Clinic.

I met Claudia at the beginning of March this year and after a lot of testing, as I understand it, my body was reacting to a number of food related allergens / vitamins / minerals / hormones / emotions and many more.

I remember leaving my first treatment and thinking ‘how can this work?’ I wasn’t sure if it would have any effect as it all seemed too easy, but somehow it does! Nine months later, I am now eating the food I love. 


I have just come back from holiday without being ill – the first time in 10 years! This is a massive thing for me & my family as I was able to spend quality time with my my favourite people without having to worry about what I ate or drank.


NAET treatment is painless, affordable, relaxing and ever so easy and most importantly a permanent solution to my allergies. It definitely takes commitment, but it is worth it – the results have been amazing!


I strongly recommend this type of treatment to anyone with allergies and also other health issues that may be aggravated by the body’s inability to cope with certain food or environmental issues. – it’s an absolute miracle!


Thank you Claudia 

Roger, Porthcawl

I contacted Claudia to see if she could help me with my psoriasis and skin irritation that both contribute to sleepless nights and day to day irritation and itchiness.  


The itchiness on my legs usually starts in the evening when I settle down. It used to get so bad that I had to take a bath.  Sometimes, I would have to bath early hours in the morning, causing me to be tired and irritable the following day. 


After attending a few sessions at Claudia’s clinic my skin irritation on my legs has gone completely. 


Therefore, I can know settle down for the evening and relax. Having a good night sleep also helps with my psoriasis.  I now feel more relaxed, confident and generally a happier person.

My psoriasis is still in working progress, but I feel confident that Claudia will continue to help improve my skin condition.


Iain Horne, Pontardawe

To Claudia Jones of Gower Allergy Clinic, 


I was suffering from chronic sinusitis for several years which caused continual headaches and fatigue. 


I visited Claudia and after a few sessions I started to feel the symptoms reduce. After several more session I had stopped taking pain relief and the symptoms had completely cleared up. 


My wife has also visited Claudia with great success and I would recommend claudia’s services not only for Allergy reason, but for general health and well-being. 

Katherine Griffiths, Swansea

I heard about claudia from a work colleague of my husbands, after discussing my various allergy related complaints, which included sinus headaches, prickly heat and ibs. 


I really do feel that Claudia, and the NAET technique have changed my life for the better, and I would certainly recommend it. 

Claudia is incredibly personable, kind and easy to be with. 


If you are suffering from any allergy/intolerance related issues I would highly recommend Claudia. 

Elaine Wright, Mumbles

I had a course of NAET treatments with Claudia a few years ago and throughout the treatments I started to feel much better, both physically and mentally and gained a huge increase in my energy levels.


I have just recently had a top up course of treatments and she has worked her magic on me again.

Claudia is very compassionate, understanding, personable and easy to relate to and very good at what she does, I can highly recommend Claudia and NAET.


 Maggi Neal, Burry Port

I went to Claudia hoping to gain some relief from several symptoms

including restless legs, poor sleep, tiredness, poor digestion also eating 

far too many sugary foods.


All of my symptoms have improved beyond my expectations.  These 

changes have been so subtle occurring without any conscious effort 

but make such a difference to my general wellbeing and my husband’s 

too now that I am much happier.


I am truly grateful to Claudia for her dedication and kindness.  When my 

fifteen treatments are complete I will follow up with annual MOTs.


I have no hesitation in recommending Claudia and NAET.  I know she 

is able to help adults and children.