Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Disorder & Depression Treatment

Anxiety, sadness, sleep disorder and stress are all potential symptoms of depression. Due to our busy lives, or the presence of mild symptoms, we are often unaware that we are suffering with stress and anxiety. When you do notice the symptoms they often present in combination as form of stress and anxiety, or even depression. All these factors can be linked to an imbalanced lifestyle.


It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle to keep your mind in a good place. They often say a healthy mind is a healthy body.

How we treat your anxiety & stress

My sessions aim to provide you with a better balanced lifestyle. It is important to stress that every client is seen as an individual and treatment is thus tailored to your specific requirements. At the Gower Allergy Clinic we take a full history of the health of you and your family, including any previous illnesses and traumas.

A question I get asked a lot how can you help if my personal circumstances don't change? My anxiety and stress treatment strengthen your confidence and resolution skills. You will find out why you react in certain ways and over a period of time you will be able to see what changes need to be made to improve your live. My sessions offer you support through difficult times and will enable you and give you the strength to change things around.


The practice of Kinesiology will allow me to access your unconscious mind as a means of finding and eliminate limiting emotions and beliefs. These emotions and beliefs can hamper in the development of a strong personal confidence and feeling of happiness in your life. Kinesiology enables the access to long forgotten areas of guilt, regret and sadness allowing you to let them finally go. By accessing your energy body we will ensure you feel well balanced mentally and enable you to deal with your everyday challenges.