eczema 15 month old boy
eczema 15 month old boy
eczema 15 month old boy
eczema 15 month old boy
eczema 15 month old boy
eczema 15 month old boy
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In January when I called Claudia I was desperate. My 14 months old baby was full of eczema and with a big list of allergies. After first session I could see improvements on his skin. Now he is free of eczema and allergies. He can enjoy now to have a bath without scratching, to stay undressed, a quality sleep and he can enjoy all types of food. Professionalism and Dedication are the best words to describe. Thank you so much for helping us! I highly recommend Claudia!

15 month old boy - Eczema, Sleep & Weight Issues

Paula came to see me after she had tried homeopathy, paid privately to see a Dermatologist who described hydrocortisone cream, she also tried other ointments all with limiting success. 

The first photo shows him before he started sessions at the Gower Allergy Clinic, second photo after third session and the last one after 13 sessions. 

The first 8 sessions were before the Covit 19 lockdown and the last 5 sessions were done remotely

His mum reported that he did not scratch anymore after the last session.

When he started with the Gower Allergy Clinic he weight 9kg and had not put on any weight for almost 9month. This despite a healthy appetite. After 4 weeks - 4 sessions, the health visitor reported a weight gain of 300gr and he has put on more than 1kg by now. 

Some nights he would not go to sleep, was extremely unsettled, crying, hot and was as a result grumpy the next day. His mum does not like to give him children's medication as she is worried of the possible side effects. 

Since he had sessions with the Gower Allergy Clinic, mum can not recall a time he did not have a good night sleep and is therefore more balanced in the day.

So, overall a great success story! 

I see many children in my practise and love working with them as they are extremely susceptible to Energy Healing. The results are always pleasing for the child, parents and of course me.

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