K.G.- IBS,DryEyes,PetAllergies,PricklyHeatSinus Headaches&HayFever,Fear of Flying 

K. has suffered with all types of allergies from a very early age. By the time she started her sessions with the Gower Allergy Clinic this had been the case for 33 years.

K. saw an eye specialist before she started her sessions at the Gower Allergy Clinic as she suffered with dry, itchy eyes. She also had weekly/bi weekly eye styes. The eye specialist recommended her to stop using all eye make up. Unsurprisingly she was horrified of the thought not to be able to apply any mascara and eye liner. 

After I had tested her for all products that came into contact with her eyes and identified which ones to eliminate, she had freedom from dry eyes and stopped developing any eye styes. She now happily wears make-up without any side effects.

In early May she then started to have frequent sinus problems and headaches so the following 4 sessions were concentrated on these symptoms. By the end of June her sinus headaches went completely. 

Another great success was her ability to cuddle a horse on an outing with her family in July. Coming in contact with horses would normally set her off sneezing, streaming eyes, itchy nose and throat. She happily stroke the animal without experiencing any ill effects. At this point she had 15 sessions at the Gower Allergy Clinic but had not been treated for horses or any other animals. 

Even though her PMS symptoms were not a reason why she came to see me, she still reported an improvement in mood and pain level after the 12th session. 

In August K had a holiday planned with her husband. She was very excited but also a bit scared as she had suffered with fear of flying, prickly heat, an increase of IBS attacks and bad headaches and hay fever symptoms. By the time she went on her holiday she had received 18 treatments.

On her return early September, she reported that she was absolutely fine on the flight out and back! Her husband noticed a great difference in her attitude to flying.

K did not experience any prickly heat even though she was in and out of the pool and used suncream (we had tested the sun cream before she went on holiday). She did not experience any headaches or hay fever symptomsDespite eating and drinking everything she liked, K. only had two IBS attacks and suffered for a couple of days with stomach cramps. It was her first holiday in years she and her husband could fully enjoy without any restrictions.