13 year old girl - Eczema, Anxiety, PMS & Constipation 

Symptoms Lacey came to see me with + scale from 1 minimum score to 10 maximum score:

                                         before               7 sessions 

Eczema                                  8                        0

'stuffy nose'                            6                        6

Anxiety & Panic attacks        8                        2    

Puffy eyes & discharge          5                        0

PMS                                       6                        0

Dog Allergy                           8                       1/2

Medication:                        Hydrocortisone & Antihistamines daily 


Lacey's first appointment was in July 2020. She had suffered with Eczema from the age of 7 after her grandmother had passed away. Her Panic attacks started to get worse and her dad took her to see a councillor. She felt much better after the sessions with the councillor but physical symptoms did not improve and panic attacks got worse again in the lockdown. Lacey did not want to leave the house as she feared infection. On the rare occasions she left home she even wore a face mask in the open, carried her own hand sanitiser and washed her hands at every opportunity. She had developed a fear of germs

Constipation is in the family and she has suffered with it as long as she can remember. 

The household has two dogs, every time she cuddled them she came up in hives and red itchy skin. 

After our first session Lacey reported she felt calmer, more at peace and the itch was better. After the second session the eczema got worse but she did not itch during the days at all. She also noticed hives around her mouth after she cuddled the dogs. 

After the third session she felt more itchy and the eczema was worse then ever for 48h but then the itch stopped and her skin started to heal. For the first time she was able to go outside without feeling fearful and anxious. Also, she stopped taking antihistamines and had to use hydro cortisone cream only very occasionally. 

In total Lacey had seven sessions to clear her symptoms. She can cuddle the dogs now without coming up in hives, her skin is getting a bit red and itchy before it settles again. She also noticed that she is not suffering with headaches anymore, her hair has grown thicker and her family noticed a spurt of growth. She also has a normal unaided daily bowel movement. 

Lacey has been treated for radiation and shown how to self protect by massaging certain acupressure points. 

She will certainly need a couple of top up sessions to keep her fit and healthy. Her dad spent a total of £440 to relieve his daughter from all the symptoms she first came to see with.