Tips how to quit smoking

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

To quit smoking is difficult but it is not impossible. The best way is to never light a cigarette again. Don't be alarmed by a relapse; you're not the only one getting one. Ask yourself why you lit that cigarette. It makes it easier to avoid that situation the next time.

Do you want to smoke less or quit smoking altogether? The tips below may help you. If you need some extra help our NAET treatment can help you.

Tips to quit smoking

Determine a start date to quit smoking. Choose a start date that is 3 to 4 weeks from today. In the meantime, prepare to cut or quit. Think carefully about the start date, because this date is final. There will come times when you seem to have a good excuse to smoke a cigarette. It's important not to give those excuses a chance.

Make your home a smoke-free zone. Remove all ashtrays from your home and be consistent and strict with yourself. Smoking in the car or at work is also not allowed. Also tell everyone that you will smoke less or stop smoking. This will increase the chance that people support you in the first difficult period.

Break through patterns: smoking a cigarette is often linked to all kinds of different situations and events. For example: after waking up, when you drink coffee, after dinner, while waiting or when you drink alcohol. When you are a smoker these moments are often inextricably linked to smoking. But if you don't smoke or have never smoked, this is not the case. Ask yourself how did that happen?

You can also request professional guidance on quitting smoking. Our NAET treatment is very effective. We also provide immune system support which enables us as well to provide you with support to quit smoking.

Prepare for withdrawal symptoms. Think in advance what you will do when you are really craving a cigarette.

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